Google Maps user spots ironic pic of car crashed into vehicle licence centre

Reddit is popular for its bizarre sights – particularly when it comes to vehicles.

One Reddit user shared an ironic image of a car they found which had crashed through the window of a driving licences centre on Whipple Avenue NW, Ohio, US.

The image shows a black SUV that had ploughed through the glass doors of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) leaving shards everywhere.

Bricks had fallen away from the building as the door and window frames were bent from the dramatic impact.

The post captioned with "the irony" sparked several replies about the queues at the DMV.

One user said: "This is how you deal with those long lines at the DMV."

Another added: "I'm here for my driver's test."

A third wrote: "I hope their license was suspended for at least a year after this."

A fourth commented: "It is funny, and does seem ironic. But when thinking about the new drivers who show up for their 1st license, seems like this kinda thing might happen more often."

The news comes after Google Maps users were left in fits of hysterical laughter after spotting a bizarre pile up on the app.

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The sight at a junction in the Mexican community of Colombia, Nuevo León, shows three trucks piled up on the back of each other in what the original poster called a 'conga line.'

The post was captioned: "Trucks doing the Conga!" on Reddit and received dozens of upvotes.

In the comments, one truck driver kindly explained: "I drove a truck over the road for a year, would see this all the time, like once a week. But almost never outside of that."

However, others have had a less innocent approach to the joke from the photo as they labelled it a truck threesome.

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