Google Maps user finds green portal to alien planet near ancient Nazca Lines

Internet users are convinced they've found the "portal to an alien planet" on Google Maps.

The discovery was made by a Google Earth enthusiast who discovered a mysterious "green dot" in the middle of the desert in Peru.

The "dot" appeared near the famous Nazca Lines – a collection of more than 300 different figures, including animals and plants, drawn into the soil between 500 BC and AD 500.

Swiss author, Erich von Daniken suggested in his book, Chariots of the Gods, that the Nazca Lines themselves were the runways of an ancient airfield used by extraterrestrial spacecraft.

And internet users seemed to think the dot could also be linked with extraterrestrials.

One person wrote: "Perú also has ancient pyramids, so it must be the same ancient aliens that made the Egyptian ones. You are welcome."

Another added: "Congratulations human, you have found the portal to our world…."

But one user seemed to have a reasonable explanation for the "dot".

They wrote: "Maybe someone shone a powerful green laser pointer at an aircraft taking those images. Seems unlikely that there would be anyone in that deserted area to be doing that, though.

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"A more likely possibility is that there was simply something reflective down there, which bounced the sun into the camera, and was brief enough to only be caught by the green pass (these types of images are composites of red/green/blue/intensity shots to increase the effective resolution of the final image)."

The finding is not the first thing on Google Maps which people have thought may be alien.

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Users previously thought they'd discovered an "alien abduction in progress" after finding a mysterious white blog over a house.

In another finding, someone thought they'd spotted a UFO after seeing a bright light on the top of a residential area in the region which is surrounded by houses.

Another stunned Reddit user spotted what appears to be an alien mothership emerging from the clouds over an address in Ochopee, Florida.

The image appears to capture the “UFO” as it glides out from behind a mass of clouds above Pine Oak Road in Ochopee, Florida.

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