Glastonbury publishes handy 10-point drugs guide including pace yourself tip

Glastonbury bosses are giving revellers a 10-point safety plan on how to handle illegal drugs at the festival.

More than 200,000 music fans are descending on the site this week.

Dealers will hope to make a killing selling illicit substances for a packet.

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So Festival Medical Services – a charity that looks after revellers – wrote some advice for party-loving music goers which was posted on Glastonbury’s official website.

Tips include info on not mixing drugs and booze, only taking small amounts and lining the stomach with food and water.

The charity said: “Be prepared before you start. Eat to give your body fuel and line your stomach.

“Have some water (and maybe some paracetamol) at the tent for the morning after and take a water bottle out to refill through the day.

“Pace yourself! Don’t be the one who takes all their drugs on the first night and must go home or to hospital.

“Take a small amount (eg half a pill, a small dab) first then wait a couple of hours before deciding whether to take more.”

The charity says if “things aren’t going well” help is at hand from the festival’s non-judgemental medics who “just want to give you the best treatment.”

Earlier today, there were warnings issued to the festivalgoers about big wild cats being spotted at the site.

Reg Baker, part of the build crew, said a mystery big cat is prowling the area.

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He said he was working there when he saw a huge black animal he believes was a puma running across a field.

The creature sprinted into a small area of woodland at the Somerset site known as the Glade. Big cats living in the surrounding countryside are common knowledge, he claimed.

Reg said: “I am part of the build crew at Glastonbury. I was walking around the site when I spotted a large black animal running free across the field.

“At first I thought it was a dog, but then I realised its running movement was different. From the shape, I’m pretty sure it was a puma.”

The animal is said to match the description of a mystery creature spotted in Glastonbury town in 2018.

Reg added: “The next day, one of my colleagues pointed at a dark shape running up Pennard Hill opposite us and into the trees at the top."

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