Glam Instagram model hits back at trolls who called her worthless and bimbo

An Instagram model has hit back at internet trolls who branded her a "bimbo" and "worthless".

Glam blonde Jess Bell, from Pocklington, near York, pockets a cool £23,000 a month for posting her content online, but says the response to her pictures and videos is not always a positive one.

The student, 21, has been called a "bimbo" when her posts have gone viral, while other trolls have labelled her "worthless".

Jess told Leeds Live: "A lot of people say they [hateful messages] come from a place of jealousy but I don't know.

"Like, say if it was a girl who was jealous, I'd ask them: 'Why don't you just try and do it then?'

"If she's jealous because I'm getting free clothes or what-not, I'm sure she could try and build up her following so she could get stuff like that.

"I don't know if it's just what I'm like but I can't imagine looking at someone's profile and being so angered that I have to go message them and say how angry I feel."

Jess, who is studying Business and Marketing Management at Leeds Beckett University, has almost 72,000 followers on Instagram.

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She also revealed that she has received "weird" messages from an anonymous gym stalker.

Jess said: "Someone messaged me saying they'd seen me at my gym and he didn't have a profile picture.

"It could be a man, could be a woman, I don’t know. Then I wrote a question-mark, which I probably shouldn’t have put because that makes them think that I do [go to that gym].

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“They put ‘I saw you and your friend working out at that squat racks the whole time. I was going to come over and I kept trying to but you looked too busy, hopefully I’ll catch you on your way out another time’.”

Jess ignored the message but woke up the following day to a stream of messages from the same account.

She added: "I started going at a different time and I blocked them. It was weird.

"That person was saying they were watching me for my whole workout and I was going to ‘come over’.

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“Well if you were going to come over, I wonder what they would have said.”

Jess raked in £23,000 in her best month and £5,000 if she's "being lazy".

The student treats her Instagram influencer status like a part-time job, using her two study-free days a week to make content which she shoots and edits herself.

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