Girl had ‘p***’ carved into her head after savage attack left her unrecognisable

A young woman has been rescued by police after a torture ordeal that left her face beaten almost beyond recognition.

The 18-year-old also suffered 20 separate stab wounds across her shoulders and limbs. he assailant had also carved a four-letter swear word into her forehead.

Moesha Magotha was rescued by police from a house in the township of Kwanonqubela, in the town of Alexandria in the South African province of Eastern Cape on September 24.

Moesha, from Port Elizabeth, is currently in critical condition in the city’s Livingstone Hospital.

Days before Moesha was stabbed and beaten, she had reportedly received threatening messages from a man in Alexandria, according to her sister Gail.

Gail said her sister had been in a relationship with the 25-year-old man, but she wasn’t aware he was married.

She added that she couldn’t believe anyone could hurt her sister in such a cruel manner.

Moesha was rescued when the police were alerted to a disturbance at a house in Kwanonqubela.

In the photos, the teen’s face appears bruised, badly swollen and unrecognisable to her normal appearance.

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She also had at least 20 stab wounds on her shoulders, arms, and legs.

The poor teen also had a four-letter swear word carved on her forehead.

The suspect, identified as Sean Nicolas Hendricks, appeared at Alexandria magistrate’s court in September 25.

Police spokesperson Mali Govender confirmed that Hendricks had been denied bail.

He is facing a charge of attempted murder, according to TimesLIVE.

Govender said: “The suspect was arrested after a member of the public reported a suspicious noise coming from a house in the Kwanonqubela township in Alexandria.

“On arrival at the scene, the suspect was in the company of a severely beaten female.

“The 18-year-old victim was taken to a local hospital and later transferred to a hospital in Port Elizabeth.

Govender added: “She is in a critical condition.”

Local councillor Xolisa Runeli reportedly led a protest of around 300 people outside the Alexandria magistrate’s court on Friday calling for the suspect’s bail to be denied.

Runeli said: “He saw her as if she had no value. Who could live with the word p**s carved in her head?”

He added that the protests would continue every time the suspect appears in court.

Runeli said: “He was denied bail. We will be back on 27th October. We will be there throughout.

“We hope she will recover. One of our comrades has been in touch with her brother and we will help with anything they need.”

The investigation continues.

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