Girl, 7, traumatised after her Dairylea Lunchables box writhing with maggots

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A seven-year-old-girl was left “traumatised,” claims her mum, after discovering that her packet of Dairylea Lunchables was “writhing with maggots”.

Rachel Stone said her daughter, Poppie was left vomiting after the grim discovery while eating the ham and cheese snack the family bought from Iceland over Easter weekend.

The 39-year-old mum says the family had been enjoying a bbq when they heard Poppie scream that she had 'worms' in her food.

After rushing over to see what was happening, her parents were horrified to find maggots in the container and crawling over the remaining slices of ham.

She later complained to both Iceland and Lunchables manufacturer Mondelez International but claims both parties refused to accept responsibility for the issue.

Mondelez International have given Rachel a £10 gift voucher but she has vowed never to give her daughter their products again.

Rachel, from Rhuddlan, North Wales, told North Wales Live: "We were having a barbecue but my daughter decided that rather than having BBQ she just wanted to have a snack of Lunchables.

"We were sat eating and the next minute we just heard this frightful scream and I heard her shouting 'I've got worms in my food'.

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"We ran over," Rachel said, "and she was literally spitting everything out and heaving. When we had a look she had obviously eaten the majority of it and it wasn't until she got to the bottom of it that she realised what was there.

"I think it was just two slices of ham stuck together that was left right at the bottom. There were maggots on the meat and in the bottom of the actual tub. It's disgusting.

"I was nearly sick myself but I was more concerned about her because she was in hysterics so I was trying to calm her down. She couldn't stop herself, she was sick on the spot. She was being sick a couple of times.”

The Lunchables pack appeared to be properly sealed and was well within its use-by date – April 30 – the slices of ham were crawling with maggots, Rachel says leaving Poppie worried that she might have eaten some.

Mondelez International stated that after carrying out a full investigation of their factory they found no pest issue and were confident the “damage did not occur at any of their sites”.

A spokesperson for Mondelez International said: "We are very sorry to hear about Ms Stone’s unpleasant experience. We investigated the matter thoroughly, as we do with all complaints, and our extensive investigations have found no evidence that this has happened within our facilities, nor have we received any other complaints of this nature for this product.

"While we happily provided Ms Stone with a voucher as a goodwill gesture, we are confident that this damage did not occur at any of our sites.”

The Daily Star has reached out to Iceland for a comment but has yet to receive a reply.

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