Giant todger spotted by drone at posh girls school leaves teachers red-faced

A giant todger sent a posh girls school haywire when a drone spotted the cheeky design, sparking some immediate action from the gardening team.

Teachers are Sydney, Australia-based Presbyterian Ladies' College were left red-faced after what some may describe as a touch of inappropriate landscaping was brought to their attention.

Following "feedback" over the design, headmaster Paul Burgis has confirmed the manhood-styled flower patch will be tended to so as to avoid further offence to all those soaring past overhead.

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The £20,000-a-year school suffered the "unmistakable" blunder after launching a range of architect-driven updates.

Headmaster Burgis said: "As part of recording the updates we sent a drone up to take pictures. At a certain angle from up high, the garden with its room for chairs took on a phallic shape which was unintended and unexpected."

Since then, "architects made some alterations" which were completed just three days after the drone pictures were first aired, Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Former students at the college found it hard not to laugh and mocked the definitive "penis and testicles" displayed in the garden.

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One unnamed former student said: "It was unmistakably shaped like a penis and testicles.

"The immediate response was laughter: 'you’ve got to be kidding me'. Photos have been circulating among the school as memes, saying 'oh good morning' and various kinds of jokes."

The drone's fly-over of the area seemed to show the immediately obvious shape of the garden, with outer bricks positioned to look like a todger.

The embarrassing gaffe seems to have tickled former students who found the funny side in the design, which was carried out by the NBRS architecture firm in Australia.

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