Getting advice Robert Jenrick unveils plans to extend vaccination rollout to under 18s

Robert Jenrick discusses possibility of vaccinating under 18s

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The Housing Secretary told Sky News on Sunday that the Government are considering vaccinating British children from coronavirus and are waiting on advice from the Joint Commission on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) on whether to “proceed”. Mr Jenrick insisted ministers would not make a decision on the issue until a full report and advice has been issued by the JCVI and supplied to the government, which he expected “very soon”.

Mr Jenrick said: “Now that we have offered the jab to all adults we will be taking advice in the coming days from the JCVI.

“We haven’t yet received their final advice on whether to extend the vaccine rollout to children.

“That seems like a sensible thing to do and so we will be looking carefully at their advice when we receive it.

“We expect it very soon on whether or not we should open up the vaccine programme in the first instance, to those children who are just short of their 18th birthday…

“Those children who have particular vulnerabilities and those children who are in households where there are people who are particularly vulnerable.

“That seems like a sensible way for us to proceed.

“But ministers will need to make that decision when they are armed with the final advice from the JCVI.

“And as I say I expect we will be receiving that advice very soon.”

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