‘Get out of Ukraine and then we can talk’: Ukraine opposition MP blasts Putin’s speech

Ukraine opposition MP blasts failed peace talks

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Kira Rudyk criticised the failure of attempted peace talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin as she urged international powers to force the invaders to withdraw.

The Ukrainian opposition leader condemned the war negotiations as largely unsuccessful as she detailed the fear felt by the people of the capital, Kyiv.

Ms Rudyk denounced the propaganda statements made by the Russian leader in his Victory Day speech as she highlighted the constant underlying threat of further aggression against her country.

“Get out of Ukraine and then we can talk,” she declared.

Ms Rudyk continued: “The important point in Putin’s speech was what he did not say.

“He was talking in propaganda statements but he did not say beforehand that he would attack Ukraine.

“He also did not say that he would attack Crimea, but he still did.

“Even though we know that Russian’s are losing right now, we need to be aware and we need to continue with our plan.” 

Ms Rudyk explained the anxiety felt across Kyiv as Putin’s Victory Day speech approached.

“Here in Kyiv we were very, very worried before May 9th.

“We were expecting anything, we were expecting potential nuclear attack or the announcement of full scale war or something else.

“We knew that he would do anything.”

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The opposition MP argued Ukraine should continue to follow the outlined defensive strategy as pledges to withdraw made by the Russian President should be considered unreliable.

 “The important point is that we should not change our plan depending on what Putin is doing.  

“All the democratic countries united around Ukraine, we are getting additional weapons every single day and we need the most important weapons, the airforce protection of our skies.

“We need the sanctions to be voted for and to start working, we need to make sure that Russia does not find new markets for its oil, we need to start working on the next step which is an embargo on Russian gas.”

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Ms Rudyk declared international sanctions and the continued military provision afforded to the Ukrainian defence would force Putin to withdraw his troops.

“With all that, Russia will be weakened out, we will be fighting like hell and I can promise you that, we will be pushing them back and we will make sure that there is no invader on our land.

“Then when Russia is weakened out, when they cannot continue their offence, we’ll be living in the new democratic world where countries like Ukraine can develop and countries like Russia are pushed to the side of history.”

In his Victory Day speech, Vladimir Putin continued to claim the Russian military operation in Ukraine was an attempt to free the country from facist control.

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