German shepherd gets annoyed when owner wont play fetch with huge tree trunk

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A German shepherd has left his owner in stitches when he found a felled tree and wanted him to play fetch with him.

Ben, who posted the clip on Reddit, said his pooch has a habit of picking up sticks and joked his pooch has "finally met his match".

In the video, the excited canine sinks his teeth on a very huge "stick" and tries to pick it up.

He puts his front limb on and attempts to move it while making an adorable whining sound.

The pooch looks up at Ben, waiting for him to play fetch.

The owner pans the camera further and laughed with frustration as he realises it's a felled branch from a massive tree.

But the German shepherd wouldn't give up and carried on trying to pick up the branch.

Other German shepherd owners were in hysterics as they commented how cute Ben's pet is.

"I am dying. That whine of frustration is so familiar," a viewer wrote.

A second said: "Love how he’s getting mad that you’re not helping. My first German shepherd did this all the time."

Many agreed that German shepherds are "generally smart" but sometimes they can be very dumb.

Ben added in the comments: "He wants me to bloody throw it! I could possibly pick it up, but throwing it is another thing."

One shared his story: "My shepherd has an obsession with lumber, he'll destroy $30 'indestructible' toys in minutes or straight up lose them but he never loses his stupid sticks.

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  • "He'll even try to pull burning logs out of the fireplace."

    "It's all fun and games until he's dragging that tree through carpark between all the parked cars, ready to go home with it," a dog lover wrote.

    Another couldn't help but make a joke out of it, saying: "He needs an assistant branch manager."

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