German MEP lashes out at Angela Merkel ‘betrayal’ in angry tirade ‘This is NOT your money’

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The German MEP attacked Angela Merkel for trampling on the freedoms of European citizens and betraying European ideals. Mr Meuthen added that on average citizens in Spain and Italy are more wealthy then German citizens. 

The German MEP said: “It is not your money to spend, it is the money of the taxpayers, they are the ones who are going to pay the bill.

“This is driven by socialist ideology and freedoms are being trampled on, then you say Germany is going to prepared to show solidarity.

“Are you aware that the average wealth of Germans is lower than that of Spaniard or French citizens?

“Are you aware of the fact that people enjoy their pensions at a later age in Germany than in other countries?

“So what kind of understanding do you have of solidarity do you have Ms Merkel?”

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