Genius kid using empty classroom to sell waffles to schoolmates gets suspended

A young schoolboy has been caught selling waffles in an empty classroom to his mates, prompting Twitter users to support calls to free the "waffle man".

In a now viral tweet from Chicago-based comedian Jackie Cooper, the waffle man saga was documented when her boyfriend revealed the students suspension.

She wrote: "My boyfriend is a teacher in the Illinois public school system and this student is my hero."

Attached to her tweet was a screenshot of a text, which read: "Ok had to let you know about this: some kid got suspended for a week because he'd go to an empty room for the past 2 Fridays with a waffle maker and would make waffles and sell it to kids lol."

The entrepreneurial waffle maker was caught in the act, with a week-long suspension looming over the young businessman.

A flurry of tweets in support of the suspended youngster agreed that the suspension was ludicrous.

One tweeted: "Amazing. My son set up a Halloween candy reselling racket in middle school. Once sales got really hot he employed others to work with him.

"He had a price sheet for each candy and had a nice racket going. He got in trouble but I had a really hard time getting mad about it."

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Praising his "grindset" as one user wrote, the majority of tweeters were keen to praise the waffle man.

Another joked, questioning whether or not it was a good idea to punish "entrepreneurship in this economy."

Other users praised the commitment and entrepreneurial skills of the kid, with one sharing their experiences of similar salesmen activities.

They said: "My niece would have my brother buy her a bag of mini-chocolate candy bars for school.

"Unbeknownst to him, she would then sell the individual candy bars on the school bus. Her profit margin was outstanding since the product cost her nothing."

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