Gangster horrified to find out killer Ian Brady was keeping him awake in prison

A notorious ex-London gangster has recalled the time he was shocked to find he was being kept awake by the clicking of an infamous serial killer’s type-writer while in prison.

Ray Hill began his life of crime as soon as he hit his teens, with petty acts of robbery in markets eventually escalating into armed robberies and assaults on police officers, which landed him with lengthy jail sentences.

Now, speaking on the KRN YouTube channel, Ray has recalled a time in prison when his path crossed with that of Moors Murderer Ian Brady.

The evil Yorkshireman murdered at least five children with wife Myra Hindley during the 1960s.

“One night I can’t sleep, and I’m like, ‘what’s this f***ing noise?’," he remembered.

“‘Click, click, click…’ all the time, what’s that noise? I can’t sleep.”

So, when he was in the exercise yard the next morning, Ray remembered how he asked an officer about the source of the noise, before being dumbfounded by the response.

“I said, ‘listen mate, I ain’t sleeping at night, there’s someone making noises, click click click’, I said, ‘who the f*** is it?’

“‘Oh’, he said, ‘it’s that guy upstairs, Ian Brady’.

“I went, ‘what, the f***ing Moors murderer? You’re telling me Ian Brady is upstairs? You’re mad aren’t you?"

The guard confirmed that this was true, and also informed Terry that the noise was coming from the mass-murderer's type-writer.

“What, you give this geezer, who has killed all these kiddies, their mum’s don’t even known where their kids are, and this c***’s got a typewriter?” he said, shocked.

“You mean to tell me that in prison, this geezer’s got a type-writer and he’s writing out his memos?“

Ray acknowledged that he never came face to face with Brady after being transferred to a prison in the Isle of Wight shortly after his eerie realisation.

Brady, meanwhile, died in prison in 2017 after several attempts to starve himself. His wife Myra had passed away in hospital in 2002.

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