Gabby Petito suspect told that he can run but he can’t hide

The man wanted for the murder of vlogger Gabby Petito can run but he can’t hide, and he’s ultimately going to end up in jail, according to a US Marshal with experience of tracking fugitives from justice.

Brian Laundrie is the chief suspect in the killing of Gabby, 22, whose body was found in Wyoming after Laundrie returned home by himself from a road trip across the country that the pair of them had been on.

Laundrie, 23, initially refused to talk to cops about what happened, and then went on the run from his Florida home. A coroner has revealed that she was strangled to death.

Lenny DePaul, a former marshal, told 60 Minutes Australia that it’s only a matter of time until Laundrie is caught.

He said: “I’ve seen it all. He is not a career criminal. He does not know how to play fugitive, as I would say.

"Right now, human instincts have turned into animal instincts. He has completely shut down no matter where he is.

“So he has got it rough out there wherever he is. I think he’s scared. He is definitely sleeping with one eye open and it is a matter of time.

“I would say you can run but you can’t hide – and when you run, you only go to jail tired."

Lenny said the fact that Laundrie had fled from the authorities did not help his cause, because “innocent people don’t run”.

Laundrie was Gabby’s high school sweetheart and fiancé. The couple had been on a tour of national parks in the west of the United States when she lost contact with her family in August and stopped her social media posts.

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Before starting the road trip, Gabby launched a YouTube channel called Nomadic Statik, which now has more than 165,000 subscribers.

She posted just one video, called “Van Life | Beginning our Van Life Journey”, stating that it was “a glimpse into our van adventures”. The eerie video has now been viewed more than six million times.

Meanwhile reports suggest that Laundrie’s parents have not been helping the police with their investigation, and Lenny said that was also suspicious as they must have had their own questions when their son returned home alone.

“Gabby lived in Florida with them,” he said. “They got engaged. He shows up in the van without her.

"What does he tell his parents? ‘Oh, we broke up, I left her out there, I just decided to drive the van back home.”

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