Funeral ad with half-naked women in coffins slammed as tasteless and offensive

An advert for a funeral service has sparked a massive row after being deemed “tasteless and offensive”.

Horonim undertakers in Moscow, Russia, have faced some serious backlash over their racy social media promotion campaign.

It features lingerie-wearing models posing in and next to coffins, with the stunt promoting the cut-price funeral service “for all categories of citizens”.

The ad, which ran on Instagram and TikTok, said: “We have our own staff of qualified agents, who supervise the organisation of the funeral at every stage – from paperwork to the rite.”

But this hasn’t gone down well with everyone, as some social media users are enraged.

One wrote: “Isn’t this blasphemy? I think it is,” while a second added: “It’s horrible. They are out of their minds.”

A third commented: “The real horror is that people have lost all boundaries. The world has gone mad.”

Another said: “Why do we need nude women to advertise something so private and sombre? It is tasteless and offensive to those who need to bury their loved ones.”

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A fifth user wrote: “There is nothing sacred left – you’ve gone completely mad…. Advertising for death?”

It is unclear if the authorities will take legal action against the advertisements.

The campaign was the brainchild of social media manager, Albert Mazzafarov, who has not yet commented on the backlash.

The company boss, Vasily Lukovnikov, is a former military officer and he has not commented yet either.

In August last year, Transport for London (TfL) decided to remove an advert for Naked Attraction after being on the receiving end of online fury from the public.

The advert in question was a London bus with a billboard across the side of it, jokingly showing descriptions of three types of people.

However, the descriptions had arrows above them, pointing at passengers sitting on various parts of the top deck of the famous red bus.

Both TfL and Channel 4 issued a grovelling apology and the adverts were removed as a result.

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