Frantic rescuers work to free sobbing boy, 9, trapped in 33ft-deep well for days

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Rescuers are racing against time to pull a nine-year-old boy from a 33-foot-deep well in southern Afghanistan.

The lad, named locally as “Haidar,” has been trapped down the well in the remote Afghani village of Shokok for two days.

Photos taken by the rescue workers reveal that Haidar is wedged tightly in the well, and unable to move his arms or legs.

The boy’s dad has been waiting at the top of the well for almost two days, talking to his son constantly to try to keep his spirits up.

In a video released by Afghanistan's new Taliban government the tearful little lad can be heard talking to his father.

The dad is heard saying: "Are you OK, my son?"

"Talk with me and don't cry," he continues, "we are working to get you out."

"OK, I'll keep talking," the boy replies, clearly trying to remain calm despite the incredible stress.

A second video has shown rescuers lowering food and drink down to the boy, and he appears to be eating and drinking.

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Abdullah Azzam, secretary to Afghanistan’s Deputy Prime Minister, tweeted: "A team is there with an ambulance, oxygen and other necessary things."

Sebghatullah Sadid, a freelance journalist working in Afghanistan, tweeted to say Haidar's health condition is reported as well by medics.

Rescue workers have excavated a trench next to the well in a bid to reach the boy in an operation reminiscent of the doomed attempt to rescue five-year-old Rayan Awram in Morocco earlier this month.

Rayan’s body was recovered from the well in northern Morocco on the night of Saturday, February 5.

Rescue workers had been working a round the clock to get the five-year-old out of the 100ft deep well in the hills near Chefchaouen.

Rayan’s father, Khaled Aourram, told reporters that he had been repairing the well near the family home on the previous Tuesday when his son fell in.

After the boy’s death, Moroccan MP Noureddine Moudiane called on the authorities to “put an end to informal well-digging, which often doesn’t follow the relevant legal procedures”.

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