Food near Meow Wolf Denver: 8 restaurants, bars and breweries to try

Pairing a trip to the new Meow Wolf Denver with a nearby drink or meal isn’t as easy as you’d think, perhaps because food is not the first edible you might consider before taking a trip here. But at some point along (or before or after) the hours-long Convergence Station adventure, you will need a refreshment. So here are eight options for eating and drinking — snacks, a sit-down meal, beers, mocktails and more — all located around the Sun Valley neighborhood. None of them is more than a 5- to 10-minute drive away.

Raíces Brewing

Your closest food and beverage option — at just a 5-minute walk — is Raíces, a brewery that shows its proud Latino roots by hosting neighborhood food trucks and cultural community events. Go for refreshing ales, lagers and saisons before or after Meow Wolf. Find a patio seat by the river to relax.

2060 W. Colfax Ave.,

Strange Craft Beer Company

This award-winning brewery is also conveniently located less than half a mile from Meow Wolf Denver. Go for the biergarten and brews like the 2021 GABF silver-medaled Silverbrick Norwegian Farmhouse.

1330 Zuni St.,

Domo Japanese Country Food Restaurant

Domo is a 25-year Denver institution with a peaceful garden in which to unwind after Meow Wolf and contemplate life. The long-standing Japanese food restaurant also enjoyed a surge of success over the summer when a TikTok video of it went viral. You’ll find Domo a mile from Convergence Station, in Lincoln Park.

1365 Osage St.,

Buckhorn Exchange

Denver’s newest tourist attraction, meet Denver’s oldest restaurant, which dates back to 1893. These days the Buckhorn Exchange is known as an obligatory (if once-in-a-lifetime) destination for taxidermy on the wall and Rocky Mountain Oysters on the plate (which are not oysters at all, for the uninitiated out there).

1000 Osage St.,

El Noa Noa

The patio at El Noa Noa will be a nice little oasis after Meow Wolf, and you’ll want to take the opportunity while visiting this part of Denver to check out a 30-plus-year Mexican destination in Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe, which is just around 2 miles and a 5-minute drive away.

722 Santa Fe Drive,


Not partaking in any legal substances while visiting Meow Wolf? You might also want to try out Awake, Denver’s first sober bar. The Jefferson Park spot is about 5  minutes away by car and features a full coffee and mocktail bar, while also selling bottles of many of the best non-alcoholic spirits today.

2240 Clay St.,

Little Man Ice Cream Factory

I’m not sure if kids — or adults, for that matter — can handle a day at Meow Wolf followed by a trip to Denver’s own Wonka factory. But for anyone brave enough to take on both, Little Man’s West Colfax production facility is a sugar-fueled gem.

4411 W. Colfax Ave.,


Finally, Convergence Station does have its own food counter inside, complete with a little patio for outdoor dining and fresh, post-exhibit air. And Meow Wolf is working with 13 local food and drink vendors to stock the shelves of HELLOFOOD with craft beers and to-go lunch bowls. Just don’t expect anything like a food court when you go.

1338 1st St.,

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