Five-week-old girl mauled to death by peaceful Rottweilers at family barbecue

A witness has described the moment two Rottweilers sleeping "peacefully" near a baby’s crib suddenly sprang up and mauled the five-week-old girl to death.

Mia Jade Riley's family were enjoying a barbecue at at her grandfather's home in Moruya, new South Wales, on Saturday, February 18, when the dogs suddenly attacked out of the blue.

Mia Jade's parents Tom Riley and Lani were first to try to drag the animals away from the blood-soaked child – quickly joined by the other horrified guests, reports the Mail.

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A family friend who witnessed the attack said: “Everyone there had to be involved to get the dogs off.”

Tom and Lani Riley rushed their severely injured daughter to the nearby Moruya Hospital but despite doctors’ desperate attempts to save her, Mia Jade died shortly after midnight.

A family friend who was at the barbecue said there had been “a considerable amount of blood” spilled in the unprovoked attack.

“There were no other kids, the dogs weren't running around and no-one was provoking the dogs or anything,” they told the Mail. “They weren't agitated or distressed… it just happened out of nowhere.

“They were just having a family barbecue with the neighbours at the rear of the property and then they turned around the dogs were on her.”

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The Rileys owned the two dogs for a number of years and they had never shown any signs of aggression to their other daughter, who is now two years old.

A police spokesperson confirmed both dogs had been impounded by council rangers but was unable to comment further due to the ongoing investigation.

They were not in a position to confirm if the dogs had been put down, which would normally be standard practice following a fatal dog attack in New South Wales.


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