Fight erupts in street after man hurls abuse at Labour Party door knockers

A shocking video shows men fighting in the street while Labour Party volunteers were out dropping leaflets in Birmingham.

In the clip, filmed from the upstairs window of a house in Kenelm Road, Small Heath, people are shouting while standing on the driveways of two properties opposite.

The row escalates and turns physical, with a man wearing a blue t-shirt jumping over a neighbouring wall and hurling punches and kicks.

More men then join the fray, until witnesses step in to break the fight apart just minutes after it kicked off on Saturday (April 16).

Labour activists and council candidates Mohammed Idrees and Saqib Khan were near the incident, Birmingham Live reports.

Cllr Idrees told the title: "I was canvassing when it broke out 10 metres in front of us.

"A man was hurling abuse and inciting violence at Labour Party door knockers – he was bringing brothers and sisters into it.

"I was saying that we need to move on and avoid getting involved but then the punching started while others were trying to restrain him."

A spokesperson for Birmingham Labour said: "This weekend a worrying video has come to light on social media appearing to show violent scenes in Small Heath.

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"Birmingham Labour is taking this matter seriously and an investigation is underway into the events of the day.

"Councillor Ian Ward, Leader of Birmingham’s Labour Group, has written to all of Labour’s candidates to remind them of their responsibilities as political candidates and to ensure that candidates are doing everything that they can to remain safe whilst out campaigning.

"The Labour Party absolutely condemns violence of any kind and calls on all those campaigning in the Birmingham local elections to do responsibly and peacefully."

Birmingham Live also asked the Labour Party if those involved in the fracas were members of the party, carrying out voluntary and canvassing duties, or were in any other way connected to the candidates.

It said it is still trying to establish the facts.

West Midlands Police said they had not received a complaint about the incident.

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