Ferris wheel bursts into flames with more than 60 people trapped on board

Over 60 people had to be rescued from a Ferris wheel after the towering ride caught fire.

The 400ft ride was a picture of horror after sparks were flying and a blaze left 62 people trapped in 20 pods above Icon Park in Orlando, Florida.

Named The Wheel, the theme park's main attraction lost power which left passengers stranded for three hours before the fire department could answer the urgent call and help the rescue the helpless riders.

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Kimberly Conley filmed the incident, and said that she and her family had heard a loud explosion, which they said "sounded like fireworks".

Footage of the accident was posted on social media and showed an abundance of smoke coming from the ride while people stood nearby watching it all unfold.

One person began shining a light at a flame above one of the pods as a spectator was heard bellowing "It's on fire!".

One visitor to the park, Randy Pryor, took to social media to say that the Ferris wheel had been working normally before it started sparking.

He wrote: "Lights were visible in the cars for a short time, then a massive shower of sparks flew from the wheel.

"Power was then lost to almost all of the cars, massive response from the fire department."

Pryor said that the fire service were forced to scale the lofty ride to rescue the riders.

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The park said in a statement: "The Wheel lost power Saturday night and we’re working with the Orange County Fire Department to safely evacuate guests."

Controversy regarding Ferris wheels is not as uncommon as you think as just a few months ago, a couple were caught having sex on the ride.

The couple were subsequently charged with public indecency following the incident.


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