Ex-Mike Tyson opponent Julius Francis loses security licence over Boxpark punch

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The Boxpark bouncer who went viral for knocking out a rowdy customer earlier this month has revealed that his license to work has been "suspended".

Julius Francis, an ex-pro boxer and former British heavyweight champion, helped eject a man from Boxpark at Wembley on June 11.

In a clip, which continues to do the rounds on social media, a man in a blue durag can be seen getting aggressive with Boxpark staff and shoving barriers.

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The troublemaker was heard shouting "f**k you" and "I’ll f**k you up".

Towards the end of the video the man breaks from the crowd and approaches Francis with his fists raised.

The former fighter, who once shared the ring with Mike Tyson, proceeds to knock out the disorderly punter with a swift right hook.

Now Francis has said he is unable to work having had his license suspended by the UK's Security Industry Authority (SIA).

However, he's trying to get this situation resolved.

Speaking to TMZ, he said: "What actually has happened [is] the SIA… they have actually suspended my license to work, so I can't work at the moment anyway.

"So I'm just trying to get that sorted, and then hopefully [I'll be] back on the doors as soon as possible you know, get back to work."

Several people came out to defend Francis following the now-infamous punch.

Boxpark CEO Roger Wade described him as "one of the nicest people I have ever met", adding: "They carefully escorted him (the punter) from the premises under constant provocation and violence.

"Finally the person approached Julius in a confrontational manner and he defended himself."

Fellow ex-pro boxer Daniel Cadman, who faced Francis in a charity fight less than 24 hours before the punch, told the Daily Star: "Do you know what? I felt for him [Francis]. I do honestly hope he doesn’t get in any trouble for that, because the guy deserved it."

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Kellie Maloney, his former manager, told us: "I believe he was doing his job. The guy was very threatening to others and looked like he was going to throw a punch at Julius. [It] shows you should never judge a book by it's cover."

The Metropolitan Police dropped their probe into the incident.

The Daily Star has contacted the UK SIA for comment.


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