Ex-army officer raises eyebrows with cheeky Burlesque routine slamming war

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A former US Army officer has wowed the internet after an old video showed her flaunting her body in a burlesque routine about the war in Afghanistan.

Brittany Ramos DeBarros, 32, is a vocal critic of the conflict as shown in the tongue-in-cheek 2019 clip where she rips off her uniform to reveal red lingerie and a tight corset covered with the stars and stripes of the American flag.

Semi-naked women in nipple pasties then help her tear off the constricting corset and DeBarros then dances with joy and flings her bra into the audience.

Wearing nothing but nipple pasties on her breasts, she then laughs and jiggles her body in what she describes on Instagram as a "powerful experience".

She wrote: "When you see me pause and cover my face in the first video it’s because I’m actually overwhelmed with emotion and how liberating it felt to angrily tear that uniform off in front of an audience.

"I’m proud of this show and it still brings me so much joy to watch myself step into long under-nourished pleasure and passion."

DeBarros is aiming to unseat Republican Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis from New York's 11th congressional district covering Staten Island and South Brooklyn.

Since the New York Post shared the video, it has upset a few of the more conservative voters although DeBarros' supporters say they are unbothered.

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One person commented on the video on Twitter: "That is shameful."

A second user added: "Nothing is shameful about striping or modelling, it's the use of the uniform and veteran that offends people."

Leaping to the defence, another tweeted sarcastically: "The horror, the absolute horror. FFS this is a pathetic attack."

Someone else told the critics: "Leave her be."

Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf also appeared to take issue with the footage and said it appeared to be "making fun of the armed forces".

He told The Post: "In the era when Democrats are seen as disorderly and out of control, all this does is make it more difficult to elect Democrats."

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