EU warned bloc facing two key problems to continued existence Cant have democracy!

EU: Overgaard-Nielsen questions democracy within Europe

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Former Brexit Party MEP Dr Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen has questioned the European Union’s ability to rightly represent all its citizens. Dr Overgaard-Nielsen noted “there are 500 million people speaking 24 different languages”, making it difficult for all members to be heard. Brexiteers have often criticised Brussels claiming that there is no chance of democracy due to too many differences.

Speaking on GB news, host Nana Akua asked: “And what was it about the EU that you just couldn’t really contend with?

Dr Overgaard-Nielsen said:“ I don’t think you can have a functioning democracy with 500 million people speaking 24 different languages.

“That’s the problem.”

He continued: “And the other problem is that the further you move decisions away from people, the less involved they get.

“And I think democracy is very much a question of people feeling that they have influence on what is happening.

“And nobody felt they had any influence of what was happening in the year.”

The European Union is currently negotiating with the UK over the Northern Ireland protocol.

The protocol keeps the province in the customs union and led to checks on goods travelling between it and the rest of the UK.

However, Westminster believes this fractures the UK’s internal market.

Last week, the EU agreed to suspend many of the current checks.

But Brexit minister Lord Frost and Boris Johnson are demanding that the European Court of Justice’s power is cut out of the province.

Mr Beaune responded by sharing his views on Radio France.

He warned: “Discussion without pressure is naive.

“If dialogue is not successful with the British, there will be measures restricting our cooperation in areas important to them.”

The French have told the Guardian that “The instability is that some have concluded that Johnson and Lord Frost do not want agreements on the Northern Ireland protocol, or anything much, but will continue ramping up demands until they are impossible.”
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