Essex city named UKs most depressed place with residents bitter to live there

An Essex city renowned for its zoo and 11th-century castle has been named the unhappiest place in the UK.

Colchester, only granted city status three months ago, and the birthplace of celebrities Dermot O'Leary and Darren Day, topped an Office of National Statistics (ONS) survey designed to identify the gloomiest residents on these shores.

Other places to run Colchester close to the unenviable title were Norwich and Tunbridge Wells.

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Brits were asked to give a rating out of 10 as part of the survey for a number of factors, such as their happiness, anxiety levels and life satisfaction.

The results saw Colchester receive an overall average happiness score of 6.8 out of 10, which was lower than any other town or city.

Residents in Babergh, just 15 miles north meanwhile, rated a comparatively cheery 7.8.

The Midlands town of Redditch came in as the second-most dejected place, dropping a whole point from its happiness score in the last survey compiled in 2018/19.

In an unwanted hat-trick, Redditch was also the only place that made the top five for unhappiness, life satisfaction and considering things done in life as worthwhile.

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The people of Norwich were ranked the nation's third-most unhappiest but also reported the highest levels of anxiety of anywhere in the country.

Despite its much-admired Georgian and Victorian architecture, Tunbridge Wells, in Kent, sits fourth on the list of dispirited residents just one spot ahead of Lambeth in South London.

Wolverhampton, whose football team currently sit bottom of the Premier League table, also rated as one of the most unhappiest UK regions during the Covid pandemic, while residents also complained about the town's lack of amenities and "dangerous streets".


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