Enormous Orange Baboon tarantula spotted in Brit garden 7,000 miles from home

A heroic mum stepped in after builders fled when they found a notorious tarantula the 'size of her hand' in the woman's front garden.

Sarah Rodmell, 30, was alerted by builders who stumbled across the huge beast as they carried out renovation works to her home in Stapleford, Nottinghamshire on Friday, October 21.

Sarah said that when the builders realised the curled up beast, which turned out to be an aggressive species native to South Africa, was a spider they "stepped away."

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And despite being petrified of spiders, the mum-of-two gave it a nudge and was left stunned when it began to move.

She scooped up the tarantula into a box and moved it into her kitchen before calling reptile experts to come and take it away.

It was later confirmed to be an Orange Baboon tarantula, which possesses an extremely painful bite and are native to Angola and other parts of Africa.

School worker Sarah said: “It was 9am and the builders were doing work on the roof and they left some of their materials outside on the front.

“They saw this thing on the front curled up. They didn’t know what it was but as soon as they found out it was a tarantula they all stepped back.

“I kind of gave it a little nudge and it got on its feet and started wiggling. We got a box and we poked it into it.

"It was a bit surreal to see it chilling in a box in my kitchen.

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"Every time I was walking in the kitchen, I was going 'oh my God, I have a tarantula in my house'."

Sarah’s daughter Kacie, 13, managed to identify the eight-legged creature as an Orange Baboon tarantula due to its distinctive markings on its back.

Her three-year-old son Rudi affectionately named it Dobby and even begged his mum to keep the creepie-crawlie.

Sarah added that miraculously, the owner of the spider came forward, solving the mystery of where it came from.

“This guy got in contact with me after I put it on Facebook and he lost an Orange Baboon tarantula a while ago moving," Sarah said.

"He lived on the same street as me but moved house in July. Somehow it survived until now. He just couldn’t find it, so it must have escaped”


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