Elon Musk shows how we will land on Mars as deadline for space travel looms

Elon Musk has provided Twitter users with a glimpse of "how we will land on Mars", with a deadline for his space plan looming ever closer.

The Twitter and SpaceX CEO had claimed humans would be wandering around the Red Planet by 2030, and with just seven years to go, he may have cracked the landing portion of travel.

Sharing footage of a drone shot that depicts side boosters aiding two rockets into landing, the Chief Twit showcased his plan for Mars-destined travel.

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Said rockets were showcased landing thoroughly intact in a retweet of the SpaceX account that has since been viewed 16.7million times.

Racking up hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets over the course of a day, Musk tweeted: "And that's how we will land on Mars."

Replies were filled with those impressed by Musk's pair of rockets landing down, with the initial SpaceX tweet seeing one user write: "This is the coolest sight in the space world."

The tweet from SpaceX, which was footage of two rockets landing, read: "Drone shot of Falcon Heavy's side boosters landing at LZ-1 and LZ-2."

Another user added: "Phenomenal achievement and to make it look so easy is the real magic!"

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One user has since asked of the Tesla CEO how he plans on going about not just landing on Mars, but getting "inside" of the planet.

He added: "Feel like there's some action going on inside that red planet."

Another user responded, noting that Musk's other company, "The Boring Company", may prove useful in drilling straight into the core of the planet, should Musk actually get there.

Twitter users appeared pretty keen to blast themselves off to Mars, with one writing: "Please take me or send me. I'd happily die on Mars."

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