Elle Brooke shares strange thing that turns her on but fans are furious

Elle Brooke has revealed what "secretly turns her on" – and fans aren't happy.

Taking to TikTok, the OnlyFans star lipsynced to a popular soundbite regularly shared on the site to make the confession.

Appearing in a form-fitting black dress and delicate silver necklace, the influencer mouthed: "Oops, got what secretly turns you on, now let's see what it is."

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She then opened up her hand, where text flashed up reading: "City winning the league."

"Everyone hates to admit it," she captioned the video, which has racked up nearly 26k likes and more than 120 comments since it was posted on Monday (January 23).

But with the star's beloved Manchester-based team currently placing second in this year's Premier League behind North London giants Arsenal, some of her fans weren't best pleased.

"Lmao Arsenal is winning the league LETS GO GUNNERS," one fan wrote.

Another chimed in: "Too bad it’s Arsenal babes."

Hopeful fans of other Premier League teams also had their say, with one fan writing: "Let’s gooooo United".

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Elle has long been a vocal supporter of her beloved Manchester City and regularly posts skimpy snaps in the team's get-up.

Last week she took to Instagram, sharing a sexy snap with her 615k followers in which she showed off her rock-hard abs in a City shirt and tiny white shorts.

"The league doesn’t matter because we’re winning the CL (Champion's League)," she wrote.

And earlier this month, the porn princess turned boxer paired up with sister and fellow City fan Emily, with the siblings posing in nothing but football shirts and barely-there underwear ahead of the team's FA Cup face-off against Chelsea.

Sharing two raunchy snaps with her Instagram followers, Emily wrote: "Ready for the match."

Elle herself has recently entered the sporting world, earning the title of two-time boxing champion after her victory against TikToker Faith Ordway on January 14.

The star revealed she was hoping to step into the ring as early as Spring 2023 and even teased that she may quit OnlyFans in favour of the ring.

"Recently, and it kind of pains me to say this but… not that I’m falling out of love with OnlyFans but I think I’ve lost that spunk that I once had," she revealed in an interview on YouTube channel The Taboo Room.

"When you become […] complacent and you are happy where you are, that’s when, you know – I like to always be pushing myself and exceeding my goals, whereas now I think with OnlyFans I think that I’ve somewhat plateaued. I don’t think I can get any bigger than what I have now.

"I think I’ve kind of fallen out of love with it and that’s why I’ve taken on boxing, cause I’m like ‘do you know what, that is something I wanna do long term’, and I’m enjoying it more than OnlyFans now."

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