Drunk gran and pal break legs like horror film after going down waterslide

Drunkenly breaking into a lido to use a water slide left a pair of friends both with a broken leg each.

Grandma-of-two Claire Vickers, 46, and friend Barry Douglas, 44, decided to cap off a night of drinking with a bit of fun which ended "like a scene out of a horror film."

The duo snuck into Aldershot Lido in Hampshire in the early hours of August 4 where they remained stuck for two hours with broken shins and shattered feet.

Claire and Barry's horrific injuries came after bombing it down the flume together only to crash into a barrier at the slide's exit.

They were rescued after police called in to investigate reports of "kids" messing around in the pool.

Claire said: "I couldn't think straight as the pain was excruciating. It was like a scene out of a horror film like 'Saw'."

Her right leg was completely broken so her shin bone pushed out of her skin, and she shattered every bone in her left foot.

Barry broke his left fibular and shattered both his ankles.

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He said: "The pain was unbearable, it was one of the most horrific experience I've had in my life."

The pair remained trapped inside the chute for nearly two hours, screaming in agony.

Claire is sharing her story to prevent others from making the same mistake as her.

She said: "I'm still having nightmares about it now, one month on.

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"I nearly went head first, I would have been dead."

Mum-of-five Claire had been to the pub for four hours before meeting up with Barry at his house for some more drinks.

At about 2am, she suggested that the two try breaking into the lido, that was only a five-minute walk away, for a quick dip.

Forklift driver Barry agreed and they crawled under the fence surrounding the swimming pool before leaping in.

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Before they had time to react, both their legs smacked into a barrier.

Claire said: "I'll never forget what I saw. The blood was pouring out at this point and I was starting to feel faint and cold.

"I kept checking on Barry but he stopped moving and making any noise, I looked over at him he was in the foetal position and silent, that's when I thought we were both going to die in that slide.

"I remember thinking no one is going to find us."

Both Barry's feet and leg were also broken by the impact, and the two were crying out in pain.

Barry said: "I thought I was going to die. Every time I banged I let go of my foot and my shin and more blood came out," she said.

"My foot was hanging down and looked totally unattached at this point."

At 3:46am, they saw the torches of three Hampshire Constabulary officers who received a call from concerned residents who thought kids had broken into the pool.

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