Druggie tried to blind Tesco staff with ammonia after she was caught stealing

A drug addict thief has been thrown in jail after threatening to blind a Tesco worker with ammonia.

And Anne Marie Simpson, 35, did it when she was caught attempting to steal meat from the South Tyneside store's fridges.

South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court heard this week how she said “I’ll use this ammonia. It will burn your eyes, you’ll not be able to see” during the attack on Wednesday, May 11.

Having made the threat, she then proceeded to throw the bottle at the staff member, which hit her arms and legs.

It left temporary skin redness on those areas – although tests proved that it was not ammonia in the bottle.

But Simpson has claimed that she doesn't remember the incident and refused to answer police questioning – although she pleaded guilty.

She has been jailed for 24 weeks, and also activated a previous 16-week suspended sentence she was given in April.

Simpson will also now pay a £128 victim surcharge.

Elizabeth Dunbar, defending, said: “She knows that the only place she is going today is Low Newton (prison).

“She commits these offences soon after the suspended sentence.

“This is a young lady who had problems with drugs, she still has problems with drugs.

“In relation to the assault, it seems horrible but what she says to me is that she has no recollection of saying those words.

“She threw something, but it certainly wasn’t ammonia. It’s full credit for an early guilty plea.”

According to local news reports, Simpson had – up until 2016 – around 150 prior convictions to do with burglary.

She was previously part of a burglary gang who stole more than £1,500s worth of items from a family home – including a 50 inch television and a packet of washing powder.

She was jailed for that incident for two years and seven months.

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