Drug smuggling mum claimed there was no evidence against her in Facebook rant

A mum who was convicted of smuggling drugs into the prison where she worked has hit back at the justice system in a furious Facebook rant.

Megan Woodham said that there was "absolutely no evidence whatsoever" and moaned "the justice system is on its neck" after the jury returned guilty verdicts against her.

The mum to a 12-year-old girl had been posting on social media throughout the court process while undergoing a trial at Liverpool Crown Court.

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The court previously heard that she had conveyed illicit substances into HMP Risley in Warrington – where the 30-year-old was employed as a healthcare assistant – and handed them over to inmate Daniel Doran, as well as allowing her home to be used as a "safehouse" by a gang.

She burst into tears this week as she was jailed for her role in the cocaine and ketamine trafficking ring.

Ahead of the beginning of the trial, on Facebook, Woodham posted an image with the words "in time the truth will come out, I will be cleared" on November 20.

She added in a caption; "I hope your [sic] all ready for the truth and EVIDENCE. I hope you rot in hell you absolute piece of s***. Karma."

The Liverpool ECHO reported that on the eve of the prosecution's opening, she told her followers: "Too say I’m scared is an understatement I’m absolutely terrified."

"My life is in a jury’s hands from tomorrow for something I’ve never done.

"I hope the absolute horror is happy with what it’s caused. Karma is a b**** though and I’ll have my time – scum of the earth.

"I’m not religious in anyway but Jesus I’ve never prayed as much. Thank you for all your well wishes."

A few days later, she added: "I’ve been getting so many messages everyday and after sitting in court all day I’ll be honest I can’t be bothered too reply too everyone individually although I'm grateful for your messages."

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"I’m on day 9 of my trial tomorrow, I gave my defence on Friday, it’s the barristers speeches tomorrow and the jury should hopefully reach a verdict for Wednesday or Thursday.

"Thank you too everyone for your well wishes I appreciate them all.

"I’m just emotionally and physically drained from sitting through a trial for something I did not do! X"

Woodham said on December 14, after jurors had retired to consider their verdicts: "And that’s a wrap, 11 days on trail proving my innocence for something I did not do. The jury have now gone out to get a verdict so it’s a waiting game."

But she was then convicted of conspiracy to supply cocaine and ketamine.

In a Facebook post which was later deleted, Woodham ranted: "In February my life got turned upside down, getting raided, arrested and charged with drug offences what I never did.

"My original trial was cancelled in August and moved to December."

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"I've just done 12 days on trial what was horrible.

"Absolutely no evidence whatsoever and somehow I've been found guilty of both charges.

"I'm back on January 9 to get sentenced for something I had absolutely no involvement with, and there's proof I never did.

"The justice system is on its neck big time. How the hell can 12 random people decide if you're guilty when there's zero evidence.

"Absolutely gutted. Hopefully this stops the rumours what are flying around."

A trial previously heard that Doran was a serving prisoner at HMP Risley between December 2021 and February 2022, with fellow defendant Woodham having been employed as a health worker in the jail.

The court hear that they, and co-defendants Kelsey Higgins and John Butler, were "involved in the supply of a very large quantity of high purity cocaine".

Woodham burst into tears after she was jailed for six years.

Doran was caged for 15 years while Higgins was handed a 13-and-a-half year sentence.


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