Drone video of a Russian convoy ambushed on road as forces move closer to Kyiv

An incredible drone video emerged online shows a column of Russian convoy being ambushed as they move tanks and armoured vehicles closer to Kyiv in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian military, who released the footage online, mobilised a counter-attack on the Russian forces in Brovary, to the east of the capital city, during early hours yesterday (Wednesday, March 9).

Two long columns of tanks can be seen bombarded with artillery as shellings rain down on the vehicles in a devastating ambush.

Some armoured vehicles are forced to turn back where black smoke is seen billowing out of some tanks at the end of the convoy.

Intercepted radio chatter suggested "heavy losses" among Russian troops.

A brief translation shared on Twitter reveals the conversation as the soldiers said: "6th regiment is almost lost."

"What?" a superior replied through the radio, to which the soldier continued: "6th regiment, can't report yet. Still gather them.

"Casualties are huge. They were waiting. The head of column was ambushed, commander was killed."

The information could not be verified as of this moment.

Vadym Denysenko, adviser to the Ukrainian interior ministry, said Ukrainian forces had managed to stop the attack in Irpin and were counter-attacking with battles now underway.

"The night was quite difficult, but in general we can say that the Ukrainian army counterattacked near Kyiv," he said.

"We knocked out five tanks. In the morning, artillery battles were heard on the western outskirts of Kyiv.

"We understand that fighting is taking place there now. However, there is no more detailed information yet."

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Military expert Rob Lee also shared the footage and commented: "Very poor tactics displayed by this Russian armoured force so close to Kyiv.

"They're well within range of Ukrainian artillery in Kyiv, they're on an obvious avenue of approach, and they still decided to bunch up like this, leaving them more vulnerable to indirect fire."

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has reportedly signed a decree waiving criminal liability for Ukrainian civilians who take up arms and kill invading Russian forces.

Ukranian journalist Illia Ponomarenko, who is Defence and Security correspondent for the Kyiv Independent news site, shared an image of the decree on Twitter.

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