Donald Trump vs Joe Biden debate: Who won the US election debate?

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Donald Trump and Joe Biden debuted for their final head-to-head debate yesterday, with millions of Americans eager to see a policy tradeoff between the candidates. The former Vice President has held a significant lead in the polls for weeks now, with many people catching on to mass “unifying” appeal he has brought to the table, something he continued to touch on last night. But the occasion also served as valuable for Mr Trump, who came to the event with a calmer front compared to his “toxic” appearance in September.

Who won the US election debate?

The President and former Vice President’s latest clash landed differently to their first on September 29.

Debate officials had learned from the last event, which was marred by interruptions from Mr Trump, as they introduced a mute option for moderator Kirsten Welker.

Instant polls seem to have unanimously picked Joe Biden as a winner, in the debate, but noted an improvement in the Trump camp.

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