Dog’s unamused reaction to puppy trying to steal his chew leaves viewers howling

A dog was left seriously unimpressed at his owner’s new puppy attempting to nab his favorite chew.

The clip shows three-year-old Australian shepherd Kona sitting underneath a cabinet with his treat in his mouth.

Unfortunately for him, Hilo the puppy also fancies a taste of the chew.

The 11-week-old can be seen biting on the snack, slowly moving closer and closer to Kona’s face.

And the older pooch is clearly less than impressed. He raises his eyebrows and stares at his owner while refusing to let go.

Reddit user SkaPlunk shared the clip yesterday, with the caption: “Our three-year-old Aussie is not amused with the new puppy.”

It has since received more than 30,000 upvotes, with viewers left in stitches by Kona’s reaction.

“That look to you at the end,” one said. “Consider that your warning.”

Another commented: “That is not the look of a happy dog. You have been judged and found guilty of ‘good boy cruelty’.

“I’d be making sure the shoes are locked up cause there may be ramifications mum.”

A third said: “So this is what my parents looked like when I ate their food as a child.”

While someone else wrote: “That last look up as if to say 'C'mon will you intervene or something?’”

It is not the first time dogs have been filmed showing their displeasure at a new member of the family.

Last month, a German shepherd was seen glaring at a new puppy after thinking he had “been replaced”.

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