Dog food worker who ‘saw alien mantis’ quits job as people ‘think he’s nuts’

A cyclist who saw an "alien mantis" and drew a picture of the bizarre creature says he's quit working at a dog food factory as people "think he's nuts".

Paul Froggatt, 26, likened his terrifying encounter in woodland to a spider eating a fly on a "David Attenborough documentary" and has now got his "ET-fit" printed on a t-shirt.

The shaggy-haired warehouse worker insisted he was not on booze or drugs as he shared his sketch of the "evil" telepathic ET with the Daily Star in January.

Paul, who said he felt its "pure alien hatred" while cycling home through woodland in Warwick, has left for a construction job and is "doing a lot better" in London.

He said the reaction to his story was "not exactly what I wanted but I was in touch with a few different people and it was good to talk to some people who had an experience of similar things.

"Everything was fine, no one who saw anything similar reached out to me but accepting people reached out to me.

"I'm still very interested in the subject but I've actually moved to London from Warwick.

"I'm doing a lot better, I'm working in construction and it's going really well.

"I guess some people just think I'm nuts. The great majority of my friends and family have been quite accepting of it.

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"There's subtle forms of communication, if you broach a subject someone goes quiet or you hear things back."

Paul, of Stoke Newington, east London, is still appealing for witnesses to his sighting in Oakwood and Blacklow Spinney shortly after finishing a 12-hour shift shift on July 16 last year.

He vowed to sell t-shirts of his ET-fit if the Daily Star backs him after his pal David Dollhouse made him one as a joke.

Paul said: "I don't know what good it would be do now but I'm thoroughly interested in the subject. I'm still very active, reading back about it.

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"It's very crucial to me that I do see the humour that other people can see in the story.

"I have a good friend of mine who made a t-shirt of the drawing I made.

"I thought that was very sweet, I do appreciate how people can see the humour in it.

"It was just a one-off of appreciation."

Asked if he thought about doing a print-run, he said: "I actually did but I thought it kind of cheapened the whole experience, but I did.

"I used to screen print myself in New Zealand.

"I don't know… for the right price."

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