Die-hard topless England fan Tango ordered to cover up at World Cup in Qatar

A hardcore England supporter was left outraged after he was told to put his top back on during a match in Qatar.

Paul Gregory, also known as "Tango", has earned a reputation for getting his kit off during football games – but was reportedly told to cover up during's England's historic spar with rivals Wales, which ended in a 3-0 victory for the Three Lions.

This isn't the first time the brazen football fan has received backlash for stripping off at a match.

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The Yorkshireman has been spotted in crowds by eagle-eyed viewers watching the World Cup at home and has had a barrage of insults thrown at him, including being called a "gammon" – a derogatory term that stereotypes men as pink-skinned and right-wing.

However, 'Tango' hasn't let the critics get him down.

He recently took to social media to share two snaps of himself at the beach in Qatar between matches and, true to form, his shirt was nowhere to be seen.

One picture shows him standing with his trusty England flag in hand, while in the other he can be seen sitting down with the flag and a pair of crutches by his side.

He captioned it: "Fully exposed again and totally legal, spreading the gospel for club and country WAWAEAW, GSTK."

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And 'Tango' had the perfect response for trolls who still chose to attack him for his choice of clothing – or lack thereof.

When one social media user called him smelly, he said he would be sure to buy deodorant next time.

"Ha ha love it see ya next season at your place come and have a drink pal always go with your boys top day out I’ll buy some lynx," he replied.

And 'Tango' wasn't alone in fighting back against cruel online critics – plenty of his friends and newfound internet fans leapt to his defence.

One wrote: "This is unbelievable, 'Tango' is the nicest guy you would ever meet and is so passionate about his club and country football teams, I admire this guy so much and wish people was like him."

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Another chimed in: "The most English man I’ve ever seen, love it. Struggling on the crutches but still gets the photo stood up, what a man."

Meanwhile, a third hit back, adding: "I don't follow football or Paul. However, he seems to be a decent enough fella. You on the other hand seem toxic, judgemental and fairly unpleasant."


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