Death Row Killer enjoys last meal despite delayed nitrogen execution

A Death Row killer has enjoyed himself a final meal, despite his execution failing to proceed after his unique request failed to materialise.

Murderer Alan Eugene Miller tucked into a huge last meal that included meatloaf and chuckwagon steak without knowing whether he would actually be executed that same night.

As it turned out, Miller, who was charged with killing three men in a workplace shooting in 1999, did not receive an execution as he still awaits the verdict of his preferred method of death.

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Murderer Miller claimed a fear of needles that led to the halting of his execution by lethal injection.

Despite the US Supreme Court giving the go-ahead for his execution to take place, there was not enough time before the death warrants expiration date.

Alabama's prison commissioner reportedly said that the execution did not go ahead because they had trouble finding Miller's veins.

Prison officials were told to proceed at 9:20pm, while family, lawyers and the media were told to head to the facility in order to witness the execution from within the death chamber.

But after a full meal including meatloaf, chuckwagon steak, American cheese, French fries, apple sauce, instant potatoes, macaroni, apples and an orange drink, the execution was called off.

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A note to the media explained items Miller was allowed access to ahead of his execution, including "a television, a telephone, his/her mail, and a Bible or its equivalent."

Miller is hoping to receive the first-ever execution in Alabama to be carried out by nitrogen hypoxia due to his fear of needles.

It is said that the request has been accepted by US District Judge R. Austin Huffaker, who issued a preliminary injunction on murderer Miller's request.

The Alabama Attorney General's Office has since appealed to the US Supreme Court and asked that the execution be allowed to proceed.

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