Dad high on cocaine stabbed wife and neighbour to death over ‘unfounded’ affair

A "delusional" dad high on cocaine knifed his wife and neighbour to death, a court heard.

Tamer Moustafa, 40, killed his wife Nelly Moustafa at their home before butchering Zahida Bi, 52, in her garage moments later, it was said.

A jury heard the drug addict "could not accept" his marriage was coming to an end and held "unfounded" beliefs his wife had been unfaithful BirminghamLive reports.

The attack happened in Moseley, Birmingham on March 16, the court was told.

Moustafa admits manslaughter in relation to the two women but denies he murdered them.

Peter Glenser prosecuting said Moustafa phoned police and told them "he had murdered his wife" on March 16.

He told Birmingham Crown Court: "He said she was dead in the house. The knife was still in her.

"Moustafa was asked why he killed her. He said: 'Because she’s a f****** w****, that’s why.'"

An ambulance crew arrived and saw Moustafa leave his house covered in blood to light a cigarette before disappearing out of sight, the court heard.

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Police armed with Tasers arrived and one went inside and saw Mrs Moustafa’s body "covered in blood and apparently lifeless" in an upstairs bedroom, it was said.

Shortly after, Moustafa reappeared and was apprehended on the ground.

He told officers "both" women were inside, confirming the other person was the "neighbour's wife" and she was in the next-door garage, the court heard.

Mr Glenser said an officer ran there, adding: "When he went inside what he saw will probably stay with him for the rest of his life.

"Lying on the garage floor was Zahida Bi.

"She was soaked in blood and there was considerable blood-staining all around her. He thought she was dead but noticed a slight movement.

"Emergency medical assistance was summoned."

Both women had been stabbed multiple times and were pronounced dead that morning.

The court heard Moustafa and his wife had been talking about separating the previous day.

Mr Glenser added: "Their relationship was troubled. It was troubled for at least two reasons."

He said Moustafa "suspected his wife of being unfaithful" and accused her of sleeping with his own father "and the next-door neighbour, Zahida Bi’s husband, among others".

Glenser went on: "There is no truth in that at all but it’s what he believed. Secondly, he was using cocaine and other drugs."

The prosecutor said he had come to use cocaine on a "daily basis", had taken it the night before the killings, the morning of them and immediately afterwards.

Moustafa's mental health had "significantly deteriorated" since his arrest and he was now showing signs of paranoid schizophrenia, the jury heard.

But two psychiatrists differed on whether he was suffering from it at the time of the killings.

Mr Glenser said there was no direct link between the defendant's mental health and his attacks.

He added: "He was a controlling man who limited his wife’s freedom. He simply couldn’t accept the marriage was over and he killed her in a drug-fuelled attack. He was still angry and high on drugs.

"Knowing what he had already done was wrong – we know he did because he telephoned the police immediately and confessed to her murder – he went next door and killed Zahida Bi.

"She was not in any way involved in Tamer Moustafa’s delusional belief, save she was married to a man he thought was having an affair with his wife."

The trial continues.

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