Dad, 42, left with burns as hand sanitiser catches fire after he sparks lighter

A taxi driver who sparked a lighter after sanitising his hands has been left with horrific burns to his face and head.

Brian Hutchinson, 42, had just applied the anti-bacterial gel when he noticed a lighter had been left by a passenger on his back seat.

Out of curiosity, he tried to lit the device to see if it still worked.

The Newcastle cabbie said a flame then ignited the still-wet solution on his palms.

Quickly, the blaze spread to his legs and head and engulfed him as a human fireball, The Sun reports.

Brian suffered major burns that have resulted in multiple operations and skin grafts.

The dad-of-two said he was immediately given by morphine by paramedics, but added: "When that wore off I knew about it – the pain was horrendous."

Having spent seven weeks at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle, the taxi driver is finally back home having "been to hell and back".

He said: "I had just been cleaning the vehicle while waiting for a job offer.

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"I noticed there was a dropped lighter in the back seat off my car, I had just sanitised my hands so rubbed the palm on my leg to dry them, but the tops of my hands were still wet."

He went on: "I picked the lighter up and sparked it to see if worked.

"The back of my hand then caught alight, then as I went to open the door to throw the lighter, my other hand caught a light, then there was like a fireball inside the car that hit my face and went over my head.

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"It lasted literally seconds but as you’ve seen from the pictures it has left me worse for wear.

"I have been in hospital for seven weeks I have had skin grafts on both hands, on my head, and ears."

Hand sanitisers are alcohol-based and can be flammable.

Brian said his gel was made up of different solutions that he had bought over the pandemic and added to one bottle that he kept in his cab.

He added: "I was buying loads from different places and putting it into a bigger bottle as it was easier to put on due to being a taxi driver."

The dad-of-two’s second child, now five weeks old, was born whilst he was in hospital.

Brian is unable to work due to his injuries – with nearly £300 raised by well-wishers for his recovery.

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