Czech Republics cursed castle that tourists visit – then die a year later

There are many tourist attractions that claim to be haunted but only some that can literally kill tourists that visit them like this cursed castle in the depths of the Czech Republic.

Zvikoc Castle is an imposing 13th-century battlement nestled in the heart of the country between the two great Vltava and Otava rivers.

It's amazing to look at, but tourists should be careful where they tread lest they bump into one of the castle's ancient and more dreadful residents.

The castle is said to be haunted by a lady in white who flits through walls in the dead of night weeping horrendously.

Below deck, in the dank catacombs of the castle, devilish bloodhounds are said to roam and snap at the heels of some tourists who have attested to hearing them howl at night.

But these two ghouls pale in significance to the other ghost that stalks the castle – a demonic imp.

The spectre, known as Zvíkovský Rarášek is an apparition that is commonplace in Czech superstition and they are evil to their core.

The imp has been spotted in the castle for hundreds of years, principally in the two towers that flank the enormous fort.

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The oldest of these towers, the Black Tower, is the Imp's favourite spot in the castle and it is considered bad luck to enter it.

Superstition dictates that anyone who goes to the top of the Black Tower or spends just one night in the castle will meet a dreadful end by disease within a year – caused by the Imp himself.

To make matters worse, he's also been known to pull plugs out of the wall and turn off lights, which is another form of evil entirely!

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