Cow tries to cross U.S. 36 outside Boulder looking for calf

A cow separated from her calf escaped her pen three times and eventually wound up on U.S. 36 outside Boulder, but officials said she was safely corralled and a reunion is in the works.

Phillip Yates, a spokesperson for Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks, said the cow tried to cross U.S. 36 just west of Cherryvale at about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Yates said the incident started when the cow got separated from her calf and began trying to break out of her pen looking for it. Yates said open space rangers helped corral the cow two times when she forced her way out of her fencing, but she then got out a third time and ran onto U.S. 36.

Yates said ranchers were able to get the cow off the highway and corralled her for the night before any injuries to the cow or any drivers.

Yates said the ranchers also told Boulder officials they were working on relocating the cow to reuniting it with her calf.

“Cows leaving their fencing enclosures can happen in agricultural areas in Boulder,” Yates said. “They are large and fast animals and if they are determined to get out of their fencing, they can do it.”

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