Covid-19 Delta outbreak: Positive case at Auckland MIQ facility transferred to hospital

A person with Covid-19 at an Auckland quarantine facility has been taken to hospital for treatment relating to the virus.

The affected member of the public was transferred from the Holiday Inn MIQ facility, in Māngere, late on Monday night.

A spokeswoman for Managed Isolation and Quarantine, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, confirmed the incident to the Herald.

“I can confirm that there was a Covid-19 positive person transferred from Holiday Inn to Middlemore Hospital [on Monday] night at approximately 10pm for Covid-related reasons.”

The condition of the patient is not known.

The spokeswoman said officials are not given any updates on a person’s condition once they are transferred from MIQ to hospital due to a medical in confidence situation.

“We are advised when they are transferred to hospital and when they are transferred back to the facility, if applicable.

“This individual is still in hospital.”

Asked if there was any potential danger to any other people at the facility, the spokeswoman said the person’s transfer was a standard hospital transfer.

“No concerns have been raised,” she said.

“Our facilities operate under strict level 4 (infection prevention and control) requirements at all times, as the safety of the people in our facilities, our workers and the New Zealand community is our top priority.”

Health authorities yesterday announced 12 new positive cases, all in Auckland. Of those, eight are community cases and four were in people in managed isolation.

The total number of active Covid cases in New Zealand now stands at 216. A total of 3961 people have since recovered from the virus.

Fourteen people are fighting the virus in hospital; with two people at North Shore Hospital, six at Middlemore and six patients at Auckland City Hospital.

The Covid death toll remains at 27.

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