Couple find eerie hanging Bible and defaced figures in 100-year-old auction home

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A couple admitted they have made a "huge mistake" for buying a house from auction after they discovered eerie, mysterious items lying around the property.

The pair took to TikTok asking for people's advice whenever they unearthed any strange miscellaneous keepings including a hanging Bible, burnt photo with defaced figures, and a handmade cross.

"We made a huge mistake buying a 1920’s house from a pandemic auction without checking the paperwork," they wrote on their post.

In one video, they found a hidden room underneath the staircase and decided to break the door.

"Shocking what we found inside the hidden room, at first we thought it was empty. But there was something hanging from a hook on the ceiling in a bag," the overlay text in the video reads.

The couple found an old bible in the plastic bag and in it was filled with some postcards and letters.

They also checked the attic area and discovered an old, dusty suitcase lying in the corner.

"The contents are a bit disturbing…" they said. "It seemed to be some sort of burnt figure, a dusty teddy bear and a box in a wrapped bag."

At this point viewers were worried about the couple, urging them to call for a paranormal expert to investigate the house.

One said: "I came here to look for the hidden room and now you unlocked another portal."

Another wrote: "That box is a memory box of a miscarriage or the lost of a child – would explain the cross, blood cloth and teddy bear."

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The couple did not reply to the comments and continued to share other discoveries they found while taking down the walls for renovations.

They retrieved "random objects" like a mirror, a burnt family photo, and an old blanket.

"We are trying to find out more about who used to live here!" they said.

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