Council killjoys threaten to tear down family’s wooden bike shed in planning row

A family who built a bike shed for their children during lockdown may be forced to tear it down in a planning row with the council.

Kavi and Mita Pujara have been told they shouldn't have built the bespoke timber bike shed for Milan, 12, and ten-year-old Anamika, by Leicester City Council.

The council says the family should have sought planning permission for the structure as they live in a conservation area.

Kavi told LeicestershireLive the structure was erected in September because cycling was the only thing the family "could get out and do."

She said the bike shed "isn't cheap" and the couple used an eco-friendly company to build it as carefully as possible.

Kavi said: "It wasn’t cheap. We did our research.

"We found a sustainable eco-friendly shed which we think looks really good.

"The council is giving out mixed messages – on the one hand saying it wants to encourage environmentally friendly transport while then threatening people over their bike storage."

Leicester City councillor Lindsay Broadwell intervened and urged the council to reconsider, asking local people to support the family.

Ms Broadwell said: "Today in Leicester putting a bike shed in your garden is apparently a planning breach, according to the council.

"We simultaneously want to encourage cycling but want to make it hard for people to store their bikes safely?

"But cars on-street is fine? You can write in support of the family and I encourage you to do so."

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A city council spokesperson said "no recommendation" has been made on the bike shed and the Pujara's case will be "considered in the usual way".

They said: "The householders have submitted a retrospective planning application regarding the bike shed, which will be considered in the usual way.

"No recommendation has yet been made on the application."

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