Cops seal off river after three people killed by crocodile in three months

Cops in India have restricted entry into a river after three people have been killed by crocodiles in just three months.

The horrific deaths have been reported along the Kali river bank in the town of Dandeli, which is situated in the state of Karnataka.

Although the stretch of the river which runs through Dandeli has a number of crocodiles, this is reportedly the first time a series of human deaths have taken place at this level.

On the night of Tuesday, February 8, the body of a 24-year-old was found by rescue teams.

The crocodile had dragged the body a mile upstream, and it took the rescue workers two days to locate the remains.

In a bid to put a stop to the crocodile attacks on humans, tourist entry into the river has now been restricted by local authorities.

Entry points into the river will be covered so that tourists – and non-residents of Dandeli – don't venture into the water.

Among the three tragic deaths that have happened as a result of crocodile attacks, two of these were outsiders and not aware that crocodiles were present along the shores, local media reports.

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According to experts, a potential reason for the rise in crocodile attacks could be that the reptiles are moving closer to human habitations, as their regular nesting habitats have been destroyed by a local water project.

Rahul Bavaji, wildlife conservationist from Dandeli, said the water project and the throwing of poultry waste are the main things that are drawing crocodiles to the river bank often in recent weeks.

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He added: "The construction of a viewing ramp at the crocodile park has also destroyed the nesting sites of these reptiles. Hence it has become dangerous to enter the river between old Dandeli and Dandelappa temple stretch."

Forest officials said that measures will be taken to discourage people from entering the river in areas where crocodiles are found in large numbers.

The measures will include mesh, caution boards and even guards.

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