Coconut Kittys life – OnlyFans to online leak and paedo baiting accusation

A famous OnlyFans star battled vile trolls before she tragically took her own life this month.

Diana Deets, also known by her handle Coconut Kitty, from California, US, died on Sunday, February 12.

The death of the young mum, who was believed to be 24 years old, was confirmed in an Instagram and Twitter post to her combined 6.8million followers.

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SNB13 claimed the content creator suffered from depression, which may have been influenced by backlash from her work.

And Diana previously spoke about the hurdles she had to overcome while working in the sex industry – including allegations of "paedo baiting", which she strongly denied.

Diana supplemented her income as a digital artist by camming, which she started doing in 2018.

She gained hundreds of thousands of followers – but spending time in the spotlight wasn't always easy.

In 2021, she was accused of "paedo baiting" for editing her photos to make herself appear almost child-like.

Diana performed long shifts on camera and constantly faced cruel comments about her body and face from viewers.

She told Rolling Stone: “I did get tired of people commenting on my looks when I was camming. It kinda bothered me."

In an attempt to separate herself from her job, she created her own digital persona.

On Instagram, Diana began posting heavily edited photos that obscured her true appearance with cascades of mermaid-length hair, saucer-shaped eyes and a scattering of freckles on her cheeks and nose.

While she had some reservations about editing her face to such an extent, using a heavily filtered version of her own face helped distance herself from some of the painful critiques she would get.

“Whether they say you’re pretty or ugly or your boobs are lopsided or this or that, it doesn’t matter because it was literally a character I created,” Diana explained in 2021.

Being Coconut Kitty “gave (her) an opportunity to disassociate" from the criticism.

But sadly, doing so also led to further backlash.

Diana received death threats after heavily editing her images, which some thought were encouraging child exploitation.

In a viral video, a TikTok creator accused the model of "p word baiting" and going beyond regular editing to "completely change her facial structure".

The idea that Diana was "paedo baiting" gained traction online and resulted in people going onto her Instagram account to express their concerns.

“How do you sleep at night knowing you promote paedophilia?” one person commented on one of her earliest Instagram posts.

Meanwhile, an anti-porn activist accused Diana of “grooming young children."

Diana vehemently denied this and claimed that the decision to keep older photos on her account showed that she wasn't attempting to mislead anyone into believing she is a teen or young adult.

“It’s the worst thing to be accused of and is the opposite of who I am and the purpose I see for myself," Diana said in an interview with Vice.

She added: "I really didn’t think I was doing anything that different from a lot of influencers who also heavily edit their pictures."

As well as facing criticism, the online star regularly had her nude photos and videos leaked on porn sites.

This can negatively impact how much money creators earn from their content.

Diana has been described as a devoted mum who loved her children – the posts announcing her death says they were ‘her whole world’.

Part of the post reads: “She was such a light to this world, truly, she was always glowing. You could never slow that girl down. She was so hard headed and strong, but also just so kind. With the biggest heart we have ever known.

“Her energy was so pure. And we wish so much that we could have taken some of the darkness that was weighing on her heart. She always felt so deeply, with her whole body, mind, and soul. She loved creating. She loved to make art and to express herself and we know a lot of you loved her too and she was always so grateful for you all.”

It ends by asking: “All we ask is that you check on your friends and loved ones. You never truly know what someone is going through. Call them and tell them you love them. You never know how much time you’ll have left with the people you love. We love you forever Coconut, rest easy beautiful.”

For emotional support, you can call the Samaritans 24-hour helpline on 116 123, email [email protected], visit a Samaritans branch in person or go to the Samaritans website.


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