China using ‘mobile death vans and lethal injections’ to execute people

China reportedly uses terrifying mobile death vans and firing squads to execute far more people than the rest of the world combined.

Human rights experts estimated "thousands" get the death penalty in China every year with a 99% conviction rate, the Sun reports.

The state doesn't share the figure but it's thought to be much more than the 657 annual total in the rest of the world.

Amnesty International’s China researcher Kai Ong claimed China often holds mass rallies to announce people being sentenced to death.

She said: “The Chinese government still sees the use of the death penalty as an effective deterrent to crimes.

“Each June, local governments often hold mass sentencing rallies, in which students, teachers and the public are invited to witness the court handing down the death penalty to individuals convicted of drug-related crimes.”

Lethal injections have taken over as the main form of execution in the People’s Republic.

Mobile deaths vans have allowed the execution of prisoners without having to transport them to a jail since 2003, said Amnesty.

And firing squad executions are said to continue despite official claims they wouldn't since 2010.

Ms Ong added: “Although the Chinese government follows the policy of killing fewer, killing cautiously, it also sees the use of the death penalty as an effective deterrent to serious crimes, especially drug-related crimes.

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“It is unlikely that the number of new death sentences and executions will go down significantly in the near future.”

The comments come after former Communist Party chief Lai Xiaomin of a Chinese Village Cai Dongjia was executed in 2019.

The 58-year-old former Chinese state asset manager was killed for soliciting $300million in bribes from between 2008 to 2018.

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He was also accused of starting a secret family while married to his "loyal wife" – allegations which made it onto his execution charge sheet. Lai was convicted for bigamy and corruption.

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