China playing their own game as Russia will not get help from President Xi

China 'will play their own game with Russia' says Prystaiko

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The Ukrainian diplomat spoke about Russia’s attack on Ukraine, claiming they had not made as much progress as they’d hoped. Mr Prystaiko spoke of Russia’s failed plan to take Kyiv in two days. He also claimed that China only cares about taking Serbia and having it all to themselves, due to its resources, as Chinese President Xi Jinping has not helped Russia with its war efforts on Ukraine, as much as political leaders would of thought.

Mr Prystaiko said: “I believe that the Chinese are now watching them and eyeing Siberia what they always wanted.

“The resources from Siberia Russia, they don’t believe that Russia is an equal partner.

“They want a resource base for them, so China will definitely play their own game.

“And I see the United States are now engaged with China trying to understand and to… Where is China right now?

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Mr Prystaiko added: “Yes the Russians won’t help much… won’t have much help from China.

“But Russia by itself is still very dangerous to Ukraine.”

Ms Burley said: “In what way?”

Mr Prystaiko added: “Militarily there’s progression as you mentioned, they could not have Kyiv in two days as they bragged and promised.

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“They’re still moving and their machinery is still huge.

“Still have to take care of the Russians, we don’t care about the Chinese rockets, or whatever they’re asking from China.”

In recent years the political pair have been closely allied, but speculation from many political commentators, who have been observing the alliance due to the current strain of the war on Russia’s economy, due to sanctions, believe Jinping is not helping Russia, as much as they could.


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Some military and political commentators have been speculating about the possibility of China using the opportunity to invade neighbouring Taiwan whilst Russia continues it’s attack on Ukraine.

Dr Zeno Leoni, a war studies expert from King’s College London, told “When Putin invaded Ukraine like he did in Crimea, he knew NATO wasn’t going to intervene. There wasn’t any deterrence to stop Putin.

“We’ve seen a lot of concern for Taiwan and I can appreciate why.”

Dr Zeno added: “The pact says the US will have to defend Taiwan. It doesn’t really say how and it will be up to the American congress whenever the time comes.

“There is some ambiguity but at least there is a pact.”

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