Cheeky golden retriever refuses to leave and plays dead on favourite grass

A lovely dog has left his owner in stitches when he refused to leave his favourite lawn.

Bam Bam the golden retriever is full of characters and it is all reflected on camera, especially when owner Sam asked him to follow her.

Posting on his dedicated Instagram account to his 43,400 followers, Bam Bam stays on the green lawn while Sam says to go get pizza.

Sam, from Los Angeles, US, gives instructions to ask him to get up but the lazy pooch quickly lies down on the greens and refuses to get up.

The owner drags him by the leash for a few inches and stops by the pavement, giving Bam Bam another chance to show obedience as she says: "Bam, come one! No… come on bud."

But the two-year-old canine would not budge and carries on lying on the floor as his owner begs "come on Bam".

Bam's hilarious reaction has left Sam laughing while she drags him across the pavement.

The clip has racked up 47,000 views as dog lovers joked it's as if Bam has put an "anchor down".

One wrote: "We have a little protestor here! Anchor down!"

Another said: "Second best thing to pizza, grass!"

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  • "Love the sliding along the path and pretending to sleep, awesome," a third wrote.

    Other golden retriever owners commented with laughing emojis and agreed that "it is a golden thing".

    "My dog does this all the time! I think it's a golden thing," an overjoyed viewer said.

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