Cheeky baby hilariously defies mum’s orders and shares highchair snack with beloved dog

Toddler refuses to shop sharing snack with her dog

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In a TikTok clip posted by @sofia.and.baz that has left viewers in stitches, baby Sofia can be seen tucking into some slices of ham.

It’s not long before the toddler tears off a morsel and hands it over the side of her highchair – where the camera reveals that Belgian Malinois Dutch shepherd cross Baz is waiting patiently. 

Sofia’s mum is quick to veto the snack sharing, strictly telling Sofia “no” to which the unhappy baby responds with what the video describes as a “minor temper tantrum” that lulls the parent into a false sense of security.

“I think I won this battle,” her mum’s triumphant caption reads – but the victory is short-lived.

After a bout of angry squealing in protest at her mum’s rules, defiant Sofia decides to chance it once again. Ripping off a smaller piece of ham, she throws her mum the ultimate sassy look as she hands the snack over to Baz, who gleefully snaps it up.

Cheeky Sofia and her loyalty to Baz has left TikTok viewers giggling. “Umm mom, that’s her dog!” one person commented on the hilarious clip, to which Sofia’s mum replied: “I have no say anymore.”

“She said, OK we listened to your feedback and have improved our serving size!” another person said.

Sofia and Baz have been in cahoots since day one, as their adorable series of TikTok videos show. The pair have stuck together since little Sofia was born, so it’s little surprise that the toddler is so insistent on sharing her snacks with her dog.

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But it’s not just Baz who has sought out a new friendship with a baby lately. German shepherd Brody didn’t have quite as much luck with the latest addition to his household though, as another funny TikTok clip from @keepingupwiththekokals showed.

Brody can’t seem to grasp that his owner’s tiny two-month-old baby is slightly too young to throw his ball, as the dog stares expectantly at the toy he’s placed at the little one’s feet while his owner patiently explains that he’ll have to wait until his new friend is a bit older.

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