Caviar Queen Mia Khalifa wows in raunchy balcony video in stunning red bikini

Mia Khalifa has delighted fans once again by slipping into a minimalist red bikini and having a smoke.

She posted the image as part of what appears to be an insight into her life, as she enjoys some time close to the beach and works her way towards dinner.

The OnlyFans star kicks off proceedings in her tiny red bikini while smoking and filming herself in front of the mirror.

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Behind her, a bright blue ocean waits invitingly as she adjusts her bucket hat and takes a drag.

Then, clearly a true advocate of giving fans what they want, she posted a second snap to her Instagram Story – seemingly in a hotel room.

This time donning a barely-there patterned blue bikini as she faces away from the mirror to show off her bum.

Once again, the inviting blue sea beckons through the window.

Then, as if fans hadn’t already been spoilt enough, Mia posted another barrage of clips – this time tucking in during a bikini-clad caviar party.

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And, as if two weren’t enough, she even dined out in yet another swimsuit this time opting for a white getup.

Scantily clad but with her bucket hat still firmly stuck on her head, she dived into the seafood delicacy for a meal with no expenses seemingly spared.

The caption read: "The real caviar queen".

While three bikinis in two hours is certainly a lot, fans of the former PornHub hero will no doubt have lapped up the wardrobe-swapping routine.

After that, enjoyment of Mia’s story will very much depend on whether or not you like the idea of eating – or the sight of other people eating – hundreds of fish eggs.

She then showed off a fourth bikini bottom – this time an up-close shot with multi-coloured mushroom patterning.

Mia captioned the post: “Hand sewn vintage beads,” followed by a wide eye-excited emoji.

More green and black fish eggs followed, looking a bit like musket shot in a tin before they were confusingly placed on some type of white desert.

All in a day for Mia Khalifa.

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